Are you a Digital Scholar?

Word Cloud from the digital scholar book;
“The Digital Scholar” flickr photo by AJC1 shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license

Or would you like to become one?

In the last learning X, we looked at investigating and developing your Learning Footprint. In a related theme, we’d like to invite you to join with us in working through an Open Learn course,  The Digital Scholar.

The course is developed by Martin Weller – and closely related to his book of the same name – the book is also available online as open access (click the cover below for access)

Cover of the book - the digital scholar
The Digital Scholar

In order to participate, you could just go to the course and read the posts, watch the videos, do the activities; however, we’d like to invite you to:

  • Register – that way you’ll be able to track your progress, and even gain a digital badge.
  • Participate in the discussions we’ll be starting on the Learning X part of the CTIL website.
  • Join us in a face to face session (date TBC)

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