Blackboard Webinar – New Box view.

NOTE: This is aimed at those staff using Blackboard’s assignment tool, not those using Turnitin for marking and feedback. It also does not affect those using Moodle marking tools for some medical courses. 

As you may know, Blackboard’s marking tool has changed; this was driven by a change in the supplier than BB use. Blackboard are aware of the fact that, though this has introduced some new features, it’s also removed features that many staff rely on. (Blackboard is the software that’s behind My Dundee)

Blackboard are hosting a webinar on February 15th, (2-3pm) looking at the current situation, and what is being done to resolve some of the issues. Members of CTIL will be participating in the webinar, and will report back afterwards. If you are affected, you may also wish to register.




  1. A number of points were raised in the webinar – there is a recording available – key points that came out of it:
    1: Ability to annotate by drawing should be returning “early March”
    2: The ability to add more than one comment at a time, without having to return to the normal view.

    There were a number of other issues, in particular accessibility, that are still ‘in development’.

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