Collaborate Ultra: September update

Those of you who have been using Collaborate Ultra for some time, will have spotted they regularly introduce new features. Over the last year, these have included aspects such as increasing the maximum number of participants in a session (to 500); permitting private chat between participants; allowing breakout groups; including the chat in the recording – as well as various bandwidth and other back end developments.

The September update includes security updates.

The main impact of this is that once you have set up sessions / recordings, students should access the link from within My Dundee/Moodle, as links are generated on the fly and are only valid for 5 minutes, to ensure that sessions / recordings aren’t shared with others outside the module. From a practical point of view, most staff are pointing the student to the link within My Dundee / Moodle anyway, so there will be no difference. If you have enabled guest access, the guest link will be static.

For more information, please see the release notes

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