My Dundee upgrade: Goodbye Crocodoc, Hello New Box View

As you will have seen, we have recently upgraded our version of Blackboard, which is what powers My Dundee. While most of the changes were bug fixes, the one that may affect some staff is the change from using Crocodoc to annotate work that was submitted via the Blackboard assignment tool to using Box to do this.

Note: This does not affect those using Turnitin for adding comments to students work. 

This change was driven by the changes to the service that Blackboard uses. A few years ago, Box (the same service that we use for document sharing) bought Crocodoc, and it was their decision to stop the Crocodoc service in January 2018, and to use their own annotation service.

For those that use Crocodoc for feedback to students, Blackboard have a site that outlines the key differences.

We also have a help page in the My Dundee area with more information for those that are affected.

The video below outlines some of the features of the new Box view.


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