Tip of the Week: Link to specific times in a video

We all like to add video content, however sometime when we add a video it is good to start the video at a specific point. In this tip of the week I will show you how to do this in both YouTube and Vimeo.

YouTube – right click

YouTube is pretty simple. My favorite method is just to pause the video where you want the link to target and right click the video and select “Copy video URL at current time”.

YouTube – Share

Another simple method is same as before only this time after you pause the video you click the share icon (a curved arrow), click the “starts at” check box (defaults to the time that you have paused the video at), and click “COPY” beside the URL.

YouTube – Embed

To use the embed code, click share, then the “Embed <>” button (round button with <>), select “Start at:”, and click “COPY” to copy the embed code. You will now be able to paste the HTML into your webpage.

Vimeo – Share

Vimeo is also straight forward, but a little less clear. First, pause the video, then click the share icon (paper aeroplane), select the URL you will then see the option to “Start video at” appear below. Select the URL and copy.

Alternatively, as you can see in the example the time code “Start Video at 01:10” results in the addition of “#t=70s” to the end of the URL so if you know how many seconds you want to add you could manually add the additional code to the URL.

Link to Vimeo Help: Starting playback at a specific timecode

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