Turnitin Rubric Bug

Updated: May 9 2019

This bug is still an issue. We have been in contact with Turnitin, and they have confirmed that they are working on a fix, though they do not yet have an estimated date for release.

In brief:

  • Double check that you have set up the assignment correctly (dates, rubrics, total grade etc) – BEFORE any students have submitted
  • If you have had to change the rubric from that set originally AND you need to change another setting (e.g. overall grade); please contact help4U (marked FAO CTIL) before making any changes


Updated: December 5
Important: Originally we thought this just affected those marking non-anonymously, however, further testing has revealed that this affects all who use Turnitin via Blackboard (My Dundee)

We have recently discovered a bug in Turnitin that is triggered when a rubric/ grading form has been changed AND another setting (e.g. post date) has been adjusted. This issue is rare but results in the rubric being replaced with the original rubric selected so it is important that all Turnitin markers read the details below.

Who does this affect?

Staff who use rubrics / grading forms, who have either set no rubric at the point of set up, or those who have attached a rubric at the point of assessment setup.

What happens?

If the originally attached rubric is changed or a rubric attached using the tools in the Feedback studio AND another setting is changed (e.g the post date / adjusting the overall mark from 100 to 23).
Following the combination of both changes, the rubric / grading form is reset to that originally selected.
Note: Bubble comments, overall comments, quick marks, grades etc are not affected.

How to avoid the problem

Where possible, check the assessment as soon as you have set it up, to ensure that all settings are correct (especially if you are marking anonymously).
We recognise that the above isn’t always possible (for example, if you have a detailed rubric that you do not wish to release to students in advance of submission).

If you mark anonymously

If you mark anonymously – please contact eLearning. Do not attempt to adjust post dates etc., yourself. Remember, if you are able to wait for the post date to come, without manually updating it, this doesn’t affect the visibilty of the rubric to the students

If you mark non-anonymously

Use the modify tab to check the rubric (towards the bottom of the page) reflects the rubric you have used in marking. You can adjust it on this screen, without affecting anything. Then you can safely change other settings.

What to do if you do experience this bug?

Unfortunately, if you have made this error, there is no retrieval, as Turnitin are unable to restore the rubric with the correct selections made.

Long term resolution

Turnitin have acknowledged there is a bug, and will be fixing it.

Who isn’t affected

  • Those using Turnitin via Moodle.
  • Those not using a grading form / rubric
  • Those who do not need to adjust the originally selected rubric
  • Those who do not need to change other settings.

What next

If you have any questions, please contact eLearning in the first instance

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