My Dundee Login Issues

We’ve had a small number of users reporting login difficulties after the upgrade.

If you’re experiencing this, please read through the following scenarios to try and resolve the problem yourself before reporting it to Help4u.

Scenario 1: You are using the Blackboard App (iOS or Android)

If you are having difficulty getting into My Dundee from the mobile app, then you may need to refresh the login process by following these steps:

1. Click on the area where you select the Institution and delete the existing entry.

2. Type ‘Dundee’ into the same box and choose ‘University of Dundee’ from the list that appears.

3. Tap on ‘Web Login’ button to start the login process.

4. You’ll then be taken to the usual university login page. Go ahead and log in with your standard credentials.

This should resolve your problem. If it does not, please report it to Help4u.

Scenario 2: “Sign On Error”

Try these steps (taken from UoD IT’s Status pages):

  1. Restart your browser
  2. Clear your browser cache – instructions to help you do so can be reached online
  3. Use a different browser than Edge, Chrome for example – we are currently working to resolve this issue
  4. Make sure you’re using the big green ‘Sign-in’ button to sign in and not the small ‘Login’ button


  1. re the sign on problems. I had this issue last night and had to clear all my history. ive come up against the same problem today and don’t want to clear my history as have been using it. is this going to be sorted or is this going to be every time. It can’t be left like this I hope as especially when using the library when at you, you have to login approx every 1.5 hrs. whats the long term plan/solution

    1. Hi Angela. Sorry to hear this is causing you problems. Our colleagues in IT have been looking at this and have released some advice in addition to the info above.

      As for a long term fix, we do have a plan and are in the process of testing it. We’ll release more info about a proper fix when we have it. In the mean time i’d recommend reading the IT advice (see below), including avoiding using Edge browser.

      IT Help Page: “Struggling to log into My Dundee?”

  2. I can log into my dundee but i cannot get onto evision, it opens a seperate page which asks to reenter username and password, when i do this it tells me i am not authorised?

    1. Hi Samantha. We did find an issue with how eVision was linking from My Dundee and have put in a different, working link (just below the ‘Tools’ area). This is a work around while we figure out why that specific link wasn’t working.

      You can also access eVision from both the university main website or by directly going to

      Hope this helps

  3. what can i do to login normally to my postgraduate moodle site?

    1. Hello Silvan,
      The PG Moodle site is controlled by a specialist team in the Medical School – we look after My Dundee, which is a different system.
      Could you speak to your course tutors in the first instance, as they’ll know the best person to speak to at Ninewells.
      Enjoy your course!

  4. I tried signing in my phone number into the University of Dundee evision but I keep getting that the phone number isn’t correct but that’s my number and the number I used in applying for admission, and I was ask to check my country code as well, but of course my country code is correct, I really need assistance

    1. Hi Confidence,
      Please log a ticket with Help4U, and they will be able to help you with this issue.


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