• Digital Education Newsletter Vol 6 Iss 2

    CTIL Updates We’re not entirely convinced the month of August happened this year as September has come up so quickly, but as we are now in Welcome Week we have collected list of things to double-check as you finalise any work before classes start. Check the appropriate staff are enrolled…

  • Hybrid Update #4: Hands-on sessions, documentation & mobile kits

    In todays update, we’re pleased to announce some bookable hands-on time for Capture & Stream and the release of some early documentation for that teaching mode. We’re doubly pleased to be able to announce that we are moving forward with the provision of mobile Capture & Stream kits that will…

  • Digital Education Newsletter Vol 5 Iss 2

    17 August 2021 In this issue, you will learn out about SEM2 module creation, the Enhance your Module module, and the upcoming Focus On sessions. CTIL Updates We’ll keep the CTIL updates short and sweet, although the updates are (we think) pretty major! Enhance your module is now live! Check…

  • Digital Education Newsletter Vol 5 Iss 1

    2 August 2021 In this issue, you can learn about the new digital EduZone 2.0, take a look at the impact of Covid-19 on some of the library’s physical and digital loans, and find out what LJ Logue’s least favourite sound is (all cat owners will identify with this one)….

  • Hybrid Teaching Update #1: Lights, cameras, action!

    As lockdown restrictions ease and we tentatively reintroduce in-person sessions to our teaching, Hybrid has become a hot topic. It offers a much-needed flexibility to run sessions with in-person and online students simultaneously, a key advance as we enhance the experience of our students in a continually changing world. In this message, I am pleased to offer some initial detail of this initiative and our plans for this new area of teaching capability going forward.

  • Digital Education Newsletter Vol 4 Iss 2

    19 July 2021 In this issue, find out what is keeping CTIL busy this summer. Keep up to date with the latest Summer Sessions for staff and check out our lecture breakdown infographic.  CTIL Updates In June, all modules beginning in Semester 1 were created (hooray!). We’ve had a few…

  • Digital Education Newsletter Vol 4 Iss 1

    5 July 2021 In this issue, learn about some improvements to YuJa, groups in My Dundee, and the things CTIL are most actively focussed on. You can also get a bit jealous listening to Wendy Alexander talk about how she’s been staying sane during the pandemic. CTIL Updates CTIL is…

  • Name change: ‘Content & Tools’ and ‘LTI item’ is now ‘External apps’

    This is a minor change but from the 23rd of June the menu items in your My Dundee modules and Organisations titled ‘Content & Tools’ and ‘LTI item’ will both be changed to ‘External Apps’. This functionality allows users to add content from external apps such as Turnitin and YuJa….

  • Digital Education Newsletter Vol 3 Iss 2

    21 June 2021 In this issue, you’ll find information on module creation, the baseline, guides in My Dundee 101, and you’ll get the opportunity to give a shout-out to colleagues who need a bit of public appreciation. You’ll also see some articles on making your videos short, preparing your students…

  • CTIL’s kind words

    Learn about the best, under-rated way to use Microsoft Forms – as an anonymous way to compliment your colleagues!