A wee reminder about online classroom tools

Blackboard Collaborate

The university’s chosen online classroom is Blackboard Collaborate. This tool integrates well with My Dundee and offers a growing collection of teaching focused functionality. You can find guidance for this tool as a moderator or participant on the Blackboard Help Site, the CTIL guide pages or from the My Dundee Support tool (accessed by clicking on the ‘?’ from anywhere within My Dundee). You can also access community resources on the Blackboard community site (sign up required).

Any questions or problems relating to collaborate should be directed to Help4u and you can access the service status page here.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft teams is not supported for learning and teaching in the university at this time, however it is a university service so can be used as an alternative to Collaborate if you’re happy to manage things like enrolment, user permissions etc. yourself. The key thing to remember is that you communicate clearly with your students what you intend to use and how they can access sessions when the time comes.

Please note that the use of non-university services brings with it risks around security and personal data handling. We’d urge you to only use services that have been vetted by the university for any activities likely to expose personal user data to an outside service or company.

Future service

CTIL has committed to reviewing the university’s support online classroom service in time for AY 21/22 so look out for opportunities to participate in that process in the coming months.

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