Bite your revision

CTIL was recently tasked with helping our colleagues at Academic Skills Centre (ASC) to help create a short set of revision guides named ‘Revision Bites’, to help students not fall foul of some of the common ineffective study techniques and take advantage of proven effective study strategies. The resource comprises a number of short articles – or Bites – around key elements of effective revision. 

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Revision Bites

We were able to pull this together with copy from subject matter expertise from ASC and utilise the inhouse creative talent within the CTIL team.

We were also able to take advantage of the many existing online resources, one of them being the Learning Scientist, co-lead by another member of Dundee University, Carolina Kupper-Tetzel.  Another fantastic source was a set of videos created by final year Cambridge medic vlogger Ali Abdaal who has conducted a lot of research: How to study for exams – Evidence-based revision tips.

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What other sources would you like to share?

What are your suggestions for CTIL’s next set of bite sized resources?

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