Blend your module – again

New staff? Staff who’ve not taught this semester?

We’re going to have a Blend your Module session for new/ those staff who’ve not taught yet this academic year on Thursday 10th December between 10 & 12. 
The session will be in Collaborate in the eLearning Resources for Staff organisation. Staff should be able to login directly, but if they have difficulties we have a guest link. 
What we’d ask staff to do in advance is: 
  • Have a look at Blend Your Module  in LearningX – to help understand some of the complexities of teaching online – contribute to the discussion in it! 
  • Have a look at the Ultra 101 sessions – to start to understand the technologies needed to support your online teaching.  
In the session, we’ll focus on aspects that students have reported in the Pulse survey as either missing or being useful, as well as aiming to cover concerns that staff have about starting to deliver a blended curriculum. 
Note: WE’ll be focussing more on the teaching, than the tools to deliver. 
If staff have queries about how to use a particular tool or other technical issues, we have:

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