Class Photos in eVision

This guide shows Instructors an alternative solution to view images of students in a given cohort. The most common reason for doing this is to assist staff in identifying students in large tutorial groups.

[Updated 18/02/2020]

Step 1:

Login to eVision and select the “Resources” tile (also available via Staff Content drop-down menu).

Arrows pointing to the resources tab in eVision

Step 2:

Select “Class list report”.

Class List report highlighted

Step 3:

Retrieve the class list based on at least “Module code” (this example MS10101) and “Academic Year code”. Click “Run Process”.

Report parameters page with Module code and Academic Year code pointed out.

Step 4:

A list of student IDs/Names/Email is generated combined with a camera icon. Click on the camera icon to view the student photo.

Module class list page with camera icon highlighted

Important notes:

  1. Content provided via eVision is only available to Staff
  2. Student photo/image directories on the webserver(s) are only accessible to machines with a 134.36 IP address (or within the domain – this covers wired and wireless devices. This means that photos will only be accessible to machines connected to UoD network. Remote users would require accessing by VPN

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