Collaborate Ultra – Audio breaking up and cracking when using Mac OS “Big Sur” or “Catalina” and Safari 14

Issue reported by Blackboard

This issue relates to Blackboard Collaborate. We have copied the below from Blackboard’s status page. You can access the original article on Blackboard’s site (sign-up required).

Product: Collaborate – Ultra Experience

Known Issue Summary
When using Mac OS “Big Sur” 11.0 or “Catalina” 10.15 and Safari 14 with Collaborate Ultra the audio a user hears is breaking up or cracking.

Our engineer  team( Blackboard) is aware of the issue and they are working on a fix.
Affected Platforms
Mac OS “Big Sur” 11.0 and Safari 14
Mac OS “Catalina” 11.0 and Safari 14

If Safari 14 is installed on your computer, please plan on using either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox with Collaborate Ultra sessions.

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