Collaborate Ultra: March Update

We have already posted that the March update to Collaborate Ultra will mean that you’re no longer able to use Internet Explorer for Collaborate – and that IE / older versions of Safari no longer support Blackboard anyway.

What’s happening?

On March 21st, Collaborate Ultra will be updated, as part of the regular process of enhancement. This introduces a number of new features, however, a knock on effect of this is that some older browsers will no longer allow access to Collaborate Ultra.

Who is affected?

Anyone who is currently using Internet Explorer 11 or older, or Safari 10 (or older) to access Collaborate Ultra, whether within My Dundee, from Moodle, or a guest link to it.


Ensure that you are use one of the following browsers when you are using Collaborate Ultra from a desktop or a laptop.

  • Microsoft Edge. Available on Windows 10  (not available on Windows 7)
  • Chrome – available on all University machines, both Windows 7 and 10. Also available on Mac
  • Firefox – available on Windows 7 build University machines, (but not Windows 10 build). You can also install it on Windows 10 on a personal device, and it’s available for Mac
  • Safari 11 or above – on Mac

There will be no impact on those using either the Blackboard app (as a student) or Blackboard Instructor (as an Instructor) on iOS or Android.

What else is changing?

There are some new features in Collaborate Ultra.

  • See your own (and participants, if you are a moderator) connectivity indicator – shown as red/yellow/green scale.
  • More options with polling.
See if participants are having connectivity issues

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