Insert YuJa video into a Learning Spaces blog

Embed method to insert video link to blog

CampusPress (the hosts of our Learning Spaces word press blogs) lets you add a video from your YuJa video into your Learning Spaces blog. You do this by copying the embed code.

Steps in YuJa

  1. Go to and find the video that you want to insert into your blog.
  2. Remember that the default location for recordings is My Media>Default Collection.

Location of My media

  1. Hover over the video and click on “More…” button:
    click more button on bottom right
  2. Click the “Security” tab.
  3. Make sure that the “Password” option hasn’t been selected.
  4. Click “Save Security”.
    remove security from yuJa
  1. Click on the Links tab and copy the embed code.
    Copy the embed code, second link down in the links tab.

Steps in Learning Spaces blog

Open your blog page or post and click the add media button at the top of the text editor area.
Add media

Click on ‘Insert Embed Code’ and paste the embed code
Insert embed code

The embed code will automatically render:
Video showing in page

If you have any further questions regarding YuJa or other eLearning tools please come to one of our Drop-ins.


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