Known issue- scheduling Collaborate for end of March

We have had an issue reported where if a user tries to schedule a Collaborate session the 29th, 30th, or 31st of March, then the date box changes the date automatically to the 28th of March. 

Gif of the process of scheduling a session for March 31, and having it revert back to 28 March

We contacted Blackboard about this, and they have confirmed that this is a known issue they are working on and have shared that it is a cosmetic issue. They have assured us that the sessions will be scheduled and made available on the correct date, it’s just the appearance of the date that is incorrect. 

We recognise that this can still cause a bit of confusion, so we recommend that you set up a recurring session that would have one of the sessions land on your chosen date. This does appear with the correct date in the ‘manage sessions’ area. You can then delete the unwanted sessions, leaving the session with the correct date. If you would like to use this process, you can follow the advice below:

  1. Click on Repeat session
  2. Set the start date for one week before the session date that you’d like (e.g. Wednesday, 24th of March if you want a session on Wednesday, 31st of March, etc.)
  3. Set the End after occurrences  to 2

Screenshot of session setup in Collaborate with an arrow pointing to the date (1 week before 31st of March), and an arrow at the 'repeat after occurrences' set to 2.

  1. Set up the rest of the sessions settings as you require (if you need help, check out our guidance on Collaborate here)
  2. Click Create
  3. In the main session area, click on the three dots beside the recurring session folder to open the folder and see each individual session
  4. Find the session that you don’t need (24th March in my example), and click the three dots beside this session
  5. Click on Delete occurrence
  6. Your single session will still be within recurring folder, but it will be the only one there and it will show the correct dates

Screenshot of Recurring Session open, with arrows pointing to the three dot menu for the recurring sessions, another arrow pointing to the three dots beside the unwanted session, and an arrow pointing at delete

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