My Dundee Issue: 404 Error

Update (23/11/21):

We have had anecdotal reports from users of this issue occurring in multiple browsers. If this issue occurs in a browser other than Edge, please take a screenshot of your full screen, note the browser and version number and send this to Help4U. This step is vital to being able to report this to Blackboard.

While Blackboard work on resolving this issue, you can adjust the settings in your browser to manage what happens when you download a file. The issue is occurring when the downloaded file tries to open in your browser, and you can adjust the settings to turn this option off.

Manage download settings in:

  • Chrome (look at the section on changing default download permissions)
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Edge:
    • Open Microsoft Edge , then select Settings and more  > Settings 
    • Select Downloads and toggle Open Office files in the browser off.

Update (15/11/21):

Blackboard have gotten back to use to us to confirm the issue is occurring for those using Edge as their browser. While Blackboard are working to resolve the issue, please try accessing the file with Chrome as your browser, and let us know if the issue persists.

We’ve received a number of reports detailing an error when trying to access files in My Dundee. Read on for details

What’s happening?

When trying to access files, some users have reported getting a 404 error message:

What’s next?

The reports we have received are early and we’re investigating both the cause and the extent of the issue. We are also in touch with the vendor, Blackboard to try and resolve the issues as soon as possible. Please continue to report any issue you encounter through Help4u, detailing what you were trying to do and what error appeared.

Please keep an eye on the UoD IT Status pages for updates. We will also update this blog post as we things progress.


  1. Unfortunately, I am still experiencing not getting access to sway document in Enhancing healthcare in Child Nursing module NC30208

  2. Hi
    I am using edge but still facing a lot of issues like I cant see my similarity index while submitting my report and something cant access the module please resolve it as soon as possible it would be really great full.

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