My Dundee monthly update (Ver. 3900.0.0)

Blackboard Learn, the platform that My Dundee is based on, was upgraded* to version 3900.0.0 last night.

Key changes include (taken from Blackboard help pages):

  • Embed Office 365 documents: In this release, students and instructors can embed Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files as well as Microsoft Stream videos from SharePoint into the rich text editor in the Ultra Course View. This option is only available with enterprise versions of Office 365.
  • Gradebook student list view improvements: This release introduces several improvements and new functionality for student list view in the Ultra gradebook.
    • Instructors can send messages and add accommodations for a student within both the student list view and the grade details view.
    • Instructors can set up activity stream alerts about student inactivity and grade thresholds for themselves and their students. If their course contains enough activity and grading data, they can also see a detailed visualization of class performance.
  • Large icon updates: In this release, you’ll see new large icons in the Ultra experience. We made these changes to our icons to improve accessibility and differentiation for all users.
    • Like the small icon update earlier this year, the new icons have a thicker stroke to improve accessibility.
    • The new icons are more distinctive to avoid confusion between similar icons and to better support quick scanning.
  • Show seconds in quiz timer: With this release, students will know how much time they have left down to the last second when they take a quiz in the Ultra Course View. The quiz timer will change from minutes to seconds when less than 1 minute remains.

You can read the full list of changes and fixes on Blackboards Release Notes page.

*Note that My Dundee receive updates every month as part of our Blackboard Learn SaaS deployment. You can see the release schedule if you would like more information.

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