YuJa is now able to record internal system audio

YuJa Update

In the latest YuJa update they introduced some interesting new features. One that we think you will all find useful is the capability to record internal system audio. This can be invaluable when creating guides and walk-throughs. The additional feature also enables you to add a second audio source so that you could capture both internal audio and a voice over. Other use cases could be the ability to have an additional mic to capture questions or adding a back up mic if the first has a technical fault.

How to update YuJa

This feature was added in December 2019 so if you have not recently updated or have never installed the YuJa capture station please follow these instructions:

From the YuJa area on My Dundee

In the YuJa area in My Dundee click “Create Recording” then click “Download and install”

From the YuJa Dundee homepage

Log into https://video.dundee.ac.uk/ and again click “Create Recording” then click “Download and install”

How to record internal system audio


  1. Open YuJa Software Capture application
  2. In the “AUDIO” section select “Internal Audio” from the drop-down:
    Selecting internal audio from drop-down

If you just want to capture the internal audio your finished just set up as before.

  1. To capture an additional Mic source toggle the “Mic source” to on
  2. Select your secondary input device:
    Select secondary input from drop down

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