YuJa videos not being captioned: Resolved

In the last two weeks, we had intermittent issues resulting in videos being added to YuJa not being auto captioned. This only affected a small number of videos (~30) and has now been resolved.

We’ve now gone through the captioning logs and identified videos that were not captioned and will be re-submitting them to the service. This means that any uncaptioned videos will be processed this week without users needing to do anything.

If you don’t want to wait for CTIL to process your video, you can do it manually:

1. Open the video settings

Go to the affected video inside in YuJa (either through My Dundee or directly). Hover over the video thumbnail and select ‘More’ from the context menu.

2. Locate the captioning settings

In the video settings, choose ‘Accessibility’ (1) from the left-hand menu then click on the ‘Caption Error’ (2) button (only visible if there has been a caption error)

3. Re-submit video to auto captioning service

Click on ‘Send Caption Request’ and your video will be referred to the captioning service (the time it takes to complete caption varies depending on size of video and how busy the captioning service is)

Note that normally, your video should be automatically captioned. This advice is for anyone who has spotted that this has not happened.

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