Hello and welcome to My Dundee!

Hello and welcome to the University of Dundee!

We’ve collected some useful guides and pointers for how to get the most out of the digital tools and resources you may encounter during your study. We recommend that you take a skim of the topics below, then bookmark this page so you can find help again quickly when you need it!

Laptop loan scheme:

Did you know that qualifying students can borrow a free laptop from the University of Dundee? Check out this link to find details on who can apply!

Videos for getting accustomed to My Dundee:

If you prefer short video guides, use this link to get an overview of what My Dundee is, how to find modules, how to add a profile picture and more!

Getting started in My Dundee:

Use this link for written guides with screenshots for all of the basics on how to get started! This collection includes more topics than the video link above, so be sure to give both a look to see what is available!

Downloading accessible content:

Use this link for information on how to download content in alternative file types from your module, or how to convert files you already have.

Accessing your Collaborate online sessions:

If you have online or hybrid sessions, your instructor will most likely use Collaborate as the live teaching classroom. Check with your instructor to confirm if they are using this, and to get details on when to join. For information on how to join Collaborate sessions and how to troubleshoot some of the most common issues, use this link!

Submitting assignments:

Once you’re ready to submit assignments, you can take a look at the guidance for Turnitin assignments (this is the primary tool for text-based work that you’ll submit), or Blackboard tests or assignments (this is the most common tool for quizzes, group work, and non-text-based assignments). If you have assignments you’ll be submitting outside of these tools (for instance if your school uses the maths tool Mobius), please check with your instructor for any advice and information!

An organisation with academic, library, and technical skills and guidance:

All students are automatically enrolled on the Student Skills and Resources at UoD organisation page. You can use the index at the top to see what is offered here and where to find it! You can use this organisation for everything from how to access your email, find your modules, write an effective essay, and how to find and cite academic research!

Where to get (technical) help when things go wrong:

Although we’d like to think that everything will always work smoothly while you are studying at the University of Dundee, we know that some things may still go wrong. For any technical issues, please contact Help4U. If you have questions about your module itself, you’ll need to contact the module lead or school office (depending on the question!).

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