22/23 Module creation!

We are at that time of year again – all SEM1, SEM2, and SEM12 (year-long) modules will be created on the 20th of June. CTIL has been in contact with schools to confirm a few minor updates to the templates. The default changes are:

  • Updated URLs for links (e.g. accessibility statement, student guides for Turnitin, etc.)
  • Academic Integrity statement moved locations and the wording was slightly adjusted to be clearer for students
  • Module handbook links are now optional following changes that went through AD L&Ts for approval earlier this year

Individual schools may have made additional updates.

Following consultation with schools, we have also updated the list of MAV codes that we use to generate individual modules (listed at the end of this post). This will allow the creation of additional modules for schools that require multiple instances of modules that will run with the same module ID in the same term, resolving issues we have had in the past.

In the majority of cases, this will not have any impact on the modules that are created. However, there may be a small number of modules who use one of the MAV codes added to our list but do not want these additional modules. If this is the case for any of your modules, please fill out our shared module form and we can combine these modules for you!

MAV Codes/Occurrence codes in SITS used to create additional modules in My Dundee:

  • Existing codes: AA, AB, AC, FA, FB, FC, JA, JB, JC
  • Newly added codes: B, DL, F, AD, AE, FD, FE, JD, JE

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