Problems accessing My Dundee & Turnitin on NHS computers

A number of users have reported experiencing issues using My Dundee and Turnitin on NHS computers. We believe this is a result of using old versions of web browser.

What’s happening?

When trying to access My Dundee, including accessing it in order to mark Turnitin assignments, some users are having issues such as the Course page not loading properly. These access issues are making it hard to access required modules.

Why is this happening?

We do not have access to NHS computers to test the issue, but we believe this is due to unsupported web browsers/versions.

Blackboard Learn, the service My Dundee is based, no longer fully supports Internet explorer.  This is because Internet Explorer is no longer being actively developed by Microsoft (though MS is still providing security updates). Microsoft Edge is Microsoft’s recommended and actively developed web browser.

Blackboard Learn, like other platforms, also limits support for other common browsers, such as Chrome or Firefox, to the most recent versions. This is common practice for software suppliers.

For more detail on Blackboard Learn’s browser support, read: Blackboard browser support for Ultra (note that we are now on Blackboard ‘Ultra’)

What can be done

We’re limited in what we can do because if a reported issue is related to an old browser version on an NHS computer. We currently advice that anyone experience issues should still report it to help4u and if possible provide details of:

  • What browser they are using (useful guide)
  • What version of that browser they are using
  • If they have tried a different browser on the same machine e.g. Chrome, Firefox.

This information may help us understand the issue more.

The direct solution to this issue is to use a different computer that has the most up to date version of supported browser.

What next?

As previously noted, there’s a limit to what we can do for computers that are owned and controlled by different organisations. We’ll continue to monitor the situation and support individuals who report issues on a case by case basis.


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