Activity Stream not loading properly on My Dundee

Some users have been continuing to experience a problem where the Activity Stream page does not load properly on My Dundee. This issue will be resolved in a future release from Blackboard, planned for early August.

What’s happening?

This issue occurs when you try to open the Activity Stream on My Dundee; the page tries to load but gets stuck on an endless spinning ‘wheel’. This then gets stuck and the page never loads.

Who is this affecting?

This is affecting everyone irrespective of browser or platform being used.

Why is this happening?

Blackboard has acknowledged this as a fault and have communicated that an upcoming release (ver 3700.7.0) will resolve the issue.

What can be done?

The above fix is due to be release to My Dundee on the 8th August. In the mean time refreshing your web page  usually resolves the issue.


We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this issue.

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