Blackboard app – updates coming soon

Updates for both iOS and Android users

Students may have noticed that grades in the Marks area of the Blackboard app are colour coded; however, the colour coding doesn’t match Dundee grading scales – they’re based on US grading scales – which means that marks have to be above 92% to appear to be the top grade.

This was introduced by Blackboard, and it’s caused concern among many students in the UK.

Blackboard have now enabled us to disable the colour coding, and so we will be reverting to not using the colour coding.

We are currently testing this, and will apply to the live server in the next few days.

Android users only

Changes Google’s cloud messaging mean that Android users have to ensure they have Blackboard App 4.0+, or Blackboard Instructor 2.5+ in order to continue to receive push notifications.

What do I have to do?

For both iOS and Android users …

  • Update your app to the latest version – you might well find that your phone / tablet has already done this. It should be
  • Log off the app completely, and re-login.

For more information.

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