My Dundee Upgrade: End of Temporary Service & Completion of Upgrade

The following email was issued to My Dundee users on Tuesday, 2 January 2019:

2 January 2019

My Dundee Upgrade:

End of Temporary Service

& Completion of Upgrade

Due to early completion of work by our vendor, Blackboard, we are able to bring forward the deadline for finishing the My Dundee upgrade to Friday 4 Jan 2018. To facilitate this we will be removing access to the temporary provision at 09:30 (GMT) on Thursday 3 Jan 2019 (tomorrow). There will be no access to My Dundee during this transition period.

New schedule:

  • 09:30 am, Thursday 3 January 2019: Access to My Dundee (temporary service) will be suspended. Please log out in good time to avoid issues.
  • Transition Period: There will be no access to My Dundee while we prepare to launch the new cloud-based service.
  • Friday, 4 January 2019: Access to the full version of My Dundee restored (including editing abilities and connected services.

It is important to note that there will be no access to My Dundee at all between the removal of the temporary service and the provisioning of the new one the next day. Though we cannot give an exact time for when users will be able to restore access on the 4th, we will will issue an email once the work is complete.

We apologise If this small change of schedule causes any disruption to planned work. The decision to move the work forward was made to give staff and students access to the full My Dundee service (inc. editing ability and connected services) as soon as possible. If you need to access materials during this short transistion period, we advise you download local copies before the service is withdrawn.

Special Note: Turnitin Scheduled Maintenance (Saturday, 5 Jan 2019)

If you plan to use Turnitin on Saturday, 5 January, please be aware that there will be no access to the service between 16:00 and 00:00 (GMT). This is due to scheduled maintenance by the vendor. You can monitor this work on Turnitin’s Twitter feed.

The next email you will receive will be a notice on Friday, 4 Jan 2019, informing you that the work is complete and that you can access the full My Dundee service. 

Best Wishes,

Hamish Loveday
Senior Educational Technologist

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