Issue – some files not opening for students

What is it?

We have been in contact with Blackboard about an issue were some files which have been uploaded (e.g. PDFs, PPTXs, DOCXs, etc.) are showing error messages when students try to access them. For instructors, you will still be able to open the items in normal view or Student Preview mode, this issue will only occur for students.

The students will be able to see the file name/link, but when they click on it to access it they will see an error message that says they do not have permissions to access the file.

What is causing it?

Typically, when content is copied from 20/21 Ultra modules to 21/22 modules, the permissions for any files are updated to include 21/22 users automatically. What is currently happening is that these permissions are not being automatically updated for some content. Typically, this means that instructors can access these items (even in Student Preview mode) because the instructors are usually enrolled on both 20/21 and 21/22 modules.

Students cannot access the files as only students from the 20/21 module have permissions.

Note: This is not happening for all files and content copied into modules, or even all files of a certain content type.

What should I do if this is in my course?

Contact Help4U and include:

  • Module code (e.g. AB11001_SEM0100_2122)
  • Learning Module (e.g. the grey bar container with a title something like “Week 1: Introduction to Studies”)
  • Any folder the item is in within the Learning Module
  • The file title that is not opening

Even if this is happening for multiple files in the same class, giving us this information for one specific item that is not opening allows us to confirm that it is the permissions issue causing this and rule out any other issues.

Is this being worked on?

Yes. Blackboard have acknowledged this is a known issue and they are working to resolve it.

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