Managing notifications in My Dundee

Getting too many emails from My Dundee? These notifications aim to give you daily information of the changes made to your modules, new content, grades, or any other useful information, but if you’re finding you’re getting a little too much, read on to learn how to manage your notification settings.

What’s happening?

Some users have reported getting too many email notifications since the upgrade on Tuesday. It seems that the default for many users has unexpectedly changed to ’email all notifications’.

How to manage notifications

Go to the Activity Stream (left hand menu), then click on the Cog icon at the top-right of the window.

This will open up the notifications setting. To update your notifications by email, select the envelope icon.

Notification settings student email

More information for Students

If you’re a student, you can watch the following video on how to manage your notifications to learn more:

You can read more about controlling your notifications on the Blackboard help pages: Notification settings for students

There’s also lots more information about how you can interact with your students on the Blackboard help pages: Interact with Students

We’re continuing to monitor how this is affecting users, so please let us know of any issues:

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