Problems accessing My Dundee on older browsers

[This post was updated to include general guidance on outdated browsers in response to some users experiencing issues with the new My Dundee interface on older browser versions)

What’s happening

With the recent upgrade to My Dundee, we have had a number of users reporting the issue that My Dundee is showing a list of empty boxes for the course list. This is related to older browsers, specifically Internet Explorer and older versions of Safari on the Mac.

Why is this happening?

Blackboard requires users to have newer browsers, in order to allow various functionality, in particular, Internet Explorer and older versions of Safari no longer work with Blackboard. Note that this has been the case since January, however we’ve discovered that the new Ultra Base navigation (the new My Dundee interface) is less tolerant of outdated browsers, resulting in increased incidents items being delayed incorrectly or not at all.

Who is affected?

All My Dundee users using Internet Explorers (all versions) or outdated versions of current browsers (Safari, Firefox, Chrome)


My Dundee supports the most recent versions of all main browsers include Edge, Chrome, Firefox and Safari (12+).  Blackboard (My Dundee is based on Blackboard Learn) maintains a list of the minimum browser versions required to help you decide if your particular browser is supported.

Blackboard also has a browser check tool, that will allow you to check your browser version  – it’ll give you a report that lets you know if your browser works, and other points.

Sample browser report

Using University machines?

If you are using a student machines e.g. the machines in a computer lab or the library:  Microsoft Edge is the default browser and is fully supported. Chrome is pre-installed and a good alternative if you prefer.

Staff machines fall into two categories depending on how recent your build is:

  • Windows 7:  Internet Explorer is the default browser but is not supported. You will have to install Firefox or Chrome, both of which are available from the Software Centre
  • Windows 10: Microsoft Edge is the default browser and is supported and Chrome is also available and supported as an alternative.

Further info

Please direct any questions to Help4u.

Useful Links 

How do I update my browser? (external link)


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