My Dundee Upgrade: Change of Dates (student version)

The upgrade of My Dundee has been changed to 20th December 2018 – 7th January 2019

This is a change from the previously communicated 14th to 21st December. During this period staff and students will continue to have access to their modules on My Dundee, though there will be significant restrictions on the services and functionality available. We have made this decision to minimise the impact on learning and teaching activities taking into consideration the feedback received from the community and technical challenges uncovered during our preparations.

This post was originally send to all students on behalf of Professor Karl Leydecker, Vice-Principal Learning and Teaching.

What is happening?

Previously scheduled for the week after Semester 1 ends (15 – 21 December), the migration will now proceed according to the following timetable:



5pm, Thursday, 20/12/2018

My Dundee Taken Offline

The service will be taken offline at the end of the day on the Thursday. There will be no access to My Dundee until the interim provision is brought online by 5pm the next day (Friday).

5pm, Friday 21/12/2018

Interim Access Switched On

to a restricted version of My Dundee is brought online to cover the full migration period:• Reference-only access to module content (changes will not be transferred to the new system)• No access to connected services e.g. Turnitin(see below for more detail on this interim provision)

26/12/2018 to 05/01/2019 Blackboard performs conversion and migration of our data to new SaaS provision. Interim provision remains in place.
Sunday, 06/01/2019

Config and Testing

UoD IT & CTIL will configure and test new service

Monday 07/01/2019

Go-Live Day, Interim Access Ends

When ready, the interim provision will be removed, and the new service will be brought online a short time later.

08/01/2019 to 11/01/2019

At-Risk Period

Although the deadline for bringing the service online is the 7th and we will have rehearsed and tested every step of the way, users should be aware that there is a higher risk of service disruption following a major upgrade like this.


Why has this change been decided?

This change has been made to minimise disruption to key work (particularly marking) usually performed during the week following the end of semester.

Can I access My Dundee over the winter break?

An interim provision of My Dundee will be put in place, though as noted above it will be for reference only (no changes will be saved) and there will be no access to advanced services such as Turnitin. You will continue to have access to course materials and historical information. Some modules with planned activities such as assignment deadlines over the winter break may need to make changes or put alternative arrangements in place, but this will be decided and communicated by your course leaders.

What happens next?

Look out for more information about this project through the student newsletter, the front pages of My Dundee and on the campus-wide TV screens. The Centre for Technology and Innovation in Learning (CTIL) will be producing a student’s guide for the upgrade that will give more details on the upgrade itself, the interim provision over the winter break and the long-term benefits that will come from the upgrade.

Any questions about the revised schedule should be directed to

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