New video service + retirement of Panopto and Kaltura

After a recent procurement process we are pleased to announce the implementation of a new video service called Yuja. This service will be made available for the start of the new academic year, providing an easy way to record, edit, manage and distribute video assets for education. With the arrival of Yuja, we will be retiring the existing tools Panopto (pilot) and Kaltura. Read on for more information.

Important: If you have video content hosted in Panopto or Kaltura, you may need to take action (see below)

Introducing Yuja

Yuja is a cloud based service that will support a range of video based activities to support learning and teaching across the university, including:

  • Lecture capture, desktop and mobile recording.
  • Cloud-based video management including control over distribution, from small groups to open access.
  • Live streaming.
  • YouTube-like video hub for publishing open content.
  • Creation of video based assessment.
  • Deep integration with My Dundee.
  • Automatic caption through ASR (automatic speech recognition).

Yuja was selected as the winning submission after a comprehensive procurement process that used requirements gathered during our two year pilot of Panopto, that engaged with a range of use cases and with both academics and students.

List of Yuja features: Lecture Capture. Appliance-Based Hardware Capture , Video Content Management , Classroom Capture Automation, video Inside, Live Streaming Campus Events, Develop Custom Video Applications , Video Analytics for Student Success, Blended Learning with Video, Video Outreach and Marketing, Unified Campus Video Library, Video Quizzes and Student Assignments

When will Yuja be launched?

We intend to formally launch Yuja as a service on 23/08/2019 after a rapid implementation project. This launch will be announced through the usual channels and be supported by service information and getting started guidance. 

If you want to get an early idea of what Yuja can do, you can look at the following:

What’s happening to Panopto and Kaltura?

Yuja will replace both Panopto and Kaltura, with all content hosted on these services being archived or migrated to Yuja (by requested). Here are some key points about the process:

  • All video assets will be extracted and be archived locally.
  • Migration of existing content to Yuja will be opt-in i.e. if you don’t ask use to move your content over, it will simply be archived.
  • Videos that are archived, but not migrated can be made available on request for a further 12 months.
  • Lecture recordings will typically only be kept for one year after the lecture was captured so we will be deleting all lecture recordings older than the one year unless requested not to.


If you have content on these services that you want to be migrated to Yuja, it is essential that you read the below post and fill in the required form before 16/08/2019. Content that is not migrated will become unavailable to your users on 30/08/2019.

Blog post: Retirement of Kaltura and Panopto

You can send any questions you have about Yuja, it’s implementation process or the retirement of Panopto/Kaltura to

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