Removal of non-standard staff accounts in My Dundee

At the end of this semester (Sem 1, 19/20), we will be disabling all non-standard staff accounts on My Dundee. This is part of our continuing effort to meet our security obligations and ensure My Dundee remains a secure environment for our users.

What are non-standard accounts?

The standard account that most of us use to access My Dundee is the standard university account: A very small number of staff members have been using accounts created directly in My Dundee that bypass the university account process. These non-standard accounts are generally used for testing or seeing things from a student user perspective. If you are a member of staff and log in to My Dundee with an account that isn’t a account, then this probably affects you.
Note that there are still a small number of students using similar accounts. These will also be phased out but that will occur next year, with separate communications to affected users/departments. This change is only affecting staff-owned accounts.

Why are these accounts being removed?

With new regulations for security being adopted by the University across all areas of IT, these manually created accounts are no longer meet our minimum standard.

What will happen to these non-standard accounts?

In addition to this blog post, we will be emailing the addresses attached to these accounts informing users directly that they will be disabled at the end of the semester. We will not be deleting the accounts out-right to begin with – we will be disabling them.
Once disabled, the accounts will only be accessible to system administrators in CTIL and UoDIT

I use one of these accounts – what should I do?

These accounts should only have been used for testing purposes. As such we recommend using the built-in preview functionality:

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