Removal of unused Organisations in My Dundee

What is happening? 

We have undertaken a review of organisations in order to identify and remove any that are unused and inactive. There were three criteria identified, and organisations needed meet one of them to be tagged for removal: 

  1. No one (neither staff nor students) has accessed the organisation since 2014.  
  2. No one is enrolled on the organisation and it was created before 2020.  
  3. The organisation has never been accessed and it was created before 2020.  

263 organisations met those criteria and will be deleted from My Dundee on 20/12/2021. These will be kept in a separate archive for one year (until 20/12/2022). If there is an organisation that has been deleted that needs to be restored, you can contact Help4U before 10/12/2022 and we will restore the organisation.  

You can find a complete list of the organisations in the attachment here:

Will this affect me? 

It is incredibly unlikely that any of these organisations still contains information that is being used or will be required to be used in the future.  

Some users may have links to files that they have somehow copied over every year into new organisation. Again, this is very unlikely and would be bad practice if this had taken place in terms of the student experience. 

Why is this being done? 

This is being actioned urgently due to increasing storage costs that must be kept under control. You can expect to see notification of other storage saving activities and best practice recommendations in the coming months as we continue this work.  

Annual Process 

We will begin to perform this data archive/removal work on an annual basis. This work is being done to meet our immediate storage reduction needs, but we will continue this practice to ensure that unused and/or unwanted organisations are not lingering in the system. 

If you have any questions about this process, please contact 


  1. Further “spent” organisations may include AD_T101_AD_D65 (ELIR preparation in 2009) and DAIS001_ORG0000_1516 (Programme Review of Archives in 2015).

    1. Thanks, Colin! We’ll add those two to our list 🙂

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