Upcoming Enhancement to the Questionmark OnDemand Login Process (Staff Only)

What is happening?

On Wednesday 17th November, we’re updating Questionmark OnDemand (QMOD) to ensure that all users access the system using single sign on (SSO) helping our users stay safe online with multi-factor authentication (MFA). Students already access the system using SSO, so this update is only applicable to staff users of QMOD.

Why is this being done?

When it comes to cyber security and helping to keep our University community safe online, MFA plays a crucial role. The higher education sector has experienced several serious attacks in the last few months, and MFA is one of several measures being taken by the University to ensure that our information remains secure.

The SSO authentication process is simple.  Each time you navigate to QMOD, the SSO will either confirm that you’re already authenticated or will take you through the authentication steps. If you recently authenticated, no further authentication steps will be required.

When is it happening?

Wednesday 17th November between 08:00 and 09:00

How will this affect me?

We recommend that staff users log out of QMOD while the update is applied and log back in again after the work has been completed. (This will not affect students taking assessments, so they can continue to access QMOD during this time.)

What do I need to do?

Once the update has taken place you will be able to access QMOD from the new single sign-on URL that was e-mailed to QMOD users. Your existing login credentials for Questionmark OnDemand will no longer work. The SSO will either confirm that you’re already authenticated with your University account, or will take you through the standard authentication steps.

(The existing URL that many of you will have bookmarked will still be available, but once the update has taken place you will need to click on the “Log in with my organization credentials” button upon accessing the login page.)


If you have any queries regarding the update to Questionmark OnDemand, please contact the Assessment team via assess@dundee.ac.uk.

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