Removal of Turnitin Building Block on My Dundee

Key takeaways

  • As of the 31st of December, 2023, you will be unable to access legacy Turnitin submission areas connected to Original style module areas in My Dundee (A/Y 19/20 and older).
  • If you wish to retain access to the submissions stored within these areas, you must manually download the files and store them in a secure backup location.
  • This is happening because Blackboard are withdrawing support for this old method of connecting modules areas to external tools, such as Turnitin.  

This means that as of 31 December 2023, no Turnitin submission points or assignments will be accessible from any Original modules or Organisations.

Our recommended solution

We strongly recommend that you access and download any student submissions or work from Turnitin for any Original modules or Organisations prior to the 31 December 2023 deadline.

How and where you store these files will vary on your existing school file structure and/or archiving policies. However, we recommend making sure they are in a controlled environment so more than one person has access (in case that person is unavailable when the file is needed), but are restricted enough that they cannot be accessed (or accidentally deleted) by anyone who should not have access to them.

For information on bulk downloading papers, you can follow Turnitin’s guide.

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