Tip of the Week: Copying text in a Turnitin Submission

Why can’t I copy text that’s in a student submission in TII?

Many staff ask how they can copy text in a student Turnitin submission to paste into the feedback – to give further information, or perhaps they want to copy a URL to follow it up. However, as markers quickly find – it’s not possible from the Feedback Studio view.

So, can I?

Yes! If you use the Text-0nly report.

What’s the benefit of this?

It saves you having to type content in to other locations!



  1. I have found it very frustrating and time wasting that this facility was not simply available by highlighting and cutting and pasting. So can all my marking be done in this “text only report” option without loss of any facilities do do I have to switch between the standard set up and the “word only” set up every time I want to copy a long case citation into a database? Ta, Brian

  2. Hello Brian,
    I’m afraid that it’s not possible to have a text only view with all the marking features.
    The ability to cut & paste from the view you get in the Feedback studio is something that is frequently asked for in the community. There was a “UserVoice” where users could vote for required features, though they have removed that. It’s been raised a few times on the current forum & I’ve commented on it whenever I spot it being raised (e.g. https://turnitin.forumbee.com/t/6358rv/urls-in-submitted-work )

    I will, however, email them to remind them of the needs of staff to have this feature.

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