Turnitin – Change which QuickMark sets you can see

While many staff have found the QuickMarks feature of Turnitin invaluable, one comment that many have made is that there are too many default sets. Turnitin have now enabled markers’ ability to customise which sets they can see. A couple of points to help you:

  1. Make sure you customise them from within Feedback Studio – i.e. while you have a student paper open. You can’t do it from the “old” QuickMark Manager, that you access from the list of submissions.
  2. Once you have hidden them, they’re hidden from you, in all the marking you do. If, however, other markers are marking in the same class, they won’t see your customisations. They can choose which set(s) they want to hide.

There’s more information about how you can do this on Turnitin’s website


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