Resolved: Turnitin issue – degraded performance

Update: (06/04/22 at 14:50): Turnitin have confirmed that there was overall service degradation between April 4th 17:30 – April 6th 12:40 BST. This consisted of overall slowness, issues saving comments and Quickmarks, and an “Pool “ev-app-yang-POOL” error message. Within that time frame, from approximately 11:-00 – 13:00 BST, there was downtime when Turnitin was unavailable. They have now reported that these issues have been resolved.

Update: (06/04/22 at 13:05): Turnitin has been restored. The downtime lasted from approximately 11:00 – 12:45 BST.

Update (06/04/22 at 11:00 BST): Turnitin is experiencing downtime. There is an emergency maintenance is currently in progress. During this time Turnitin, Turnitin UK and all integrations with these services will be unavailable.

Today (5/4/22), Turnitin are currently experiencing an unexpected service incident comprising of degraded service in the Feedback Studio. From our reports in Help4U, this could include issues with comments not saving as markers enter feedback.

You can review their status page here, and we will update this blog post with any additional information.

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