Resolved – Turnitin Issue – Unable to create new assignment submission points

Update 13/5/21:

Turnitin have gotten back to us to confirm that the issue is now resolved, the date/calendar function is now working properly and users are able to create assignments.

We are experiencing an issue with creating new Turnitin submission points. Currently, there is no date pre-populated, the calendar icon doesn’t bring up the calendar selection option, and entering in dates manually results in an error message when you try to save the submission point. We are in communication with Turnitin to resolve this issue. 

This does not affect existing Turnitin submission points. Students will still be able to upload submissions, similarity reports are still being generated with no service degradation, and instructors will still be able to mark and enter feedback. 


    1. Hi Tendai,
      Please report any issues you have to your instructor and to help4U! Help4U can help sort out any technical issues that may be occurring, and it is always good to make sure your module leader is aware of any issues you are having with submissions.

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