Edit your video in YuJa

What is it?

This guide takes you through the basic steps for editing your video in YuJa, including trimming the beginning and endings of your videos.

What does it do?

The editing functions in YuJa are limited if you are accustomed to video-editing software; however, it can do the main functions that you’re likely to be looking for including cutting out bits of the recording and importing slides or images.

What should I know?

Step 1: Hover over your video and click Edit. This takes you to a separate tab for the  Video Editor. 

Screenshot of the editor in YuJa with a circle around the editing icons and an arrow pointing at the toggle for advanced settings.

Step 2: Use the icons to make any changes to your video using the icons.

The icons:

  • Scissors – the scissors icon to be used to cut at any point in the video. Click play then pause when you want to cut. Click on the scissors icon, then click in at the time stamp in the direction that you want to cut. You can move the blue line to play to preview the video without the clip you want to cut. To adjust the clip to remove, move the lines at the beginning and end of the grey area to make it longer or shorter.
  • Arrow icons – the next two icons are arrow icons, and these un-do an re-do your last action.
  • Chart – the fourth icon looks a bit like a chart and can be used to insert a new slide or image. You’ll be asked to upload a file that will override the current image on the screen.
  • Film – the next icon looks like the play/film screen and you can use this to upload an mp4 file to add video.
    • You can use this to add in an intro and outro to your video if you want (this is often referred to as adding a “top and tail” to your video.
  • Mountain – After that is an icon that looks like mountains, this can be used to edit images. You can use this to upload a file to use as a watermark or overlay, you can insert a blur, blackout a region, or add a virtual background.
  • Aa text – You can use this icon to add a text overlay to your video.
  • Volume – This will allow you to identify a section of video where you would like to increase or decrease the volume, and how much you would like to change the volume.
  • Pencil – The last icon can be used to add drawing on the video. This can be useful if you need to visually point to something on the screen that you did not do at the time of recording.

Step 3: You will make all of the changes you want in this screen (including cutting multiple points in the video), and then click Save.

Step 4: A pop-up will appear where you can edit the title (it will default to your video title plus “_edited” at the end, determine any caption settings if you have made changes that will affect this, and decide if you want to exit without saving, replace existing video or Save as New Video.

Screenshot of the save window for the YuJa editor. There is an arrow pointing at a drop-down menu to determine auto-caption updating.

We strongly recommend updating any captions and associated transcript and saving it as a new video with the “_edited” title. This will allow you to review your edited video to make sure you are happy with your changes without losing the original video if you want to change your edits.

Step 5: Once you’re happy with the new video, you can delete the original video and change the title of the new video to remove the “edited” at the end.

Updated on 11/04/2023

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