Embed a video into My Dundee

What is it?

In addition to uploading your video to your module’s channel in YuJa, you can also upload a specific video to your course content or embedded Document.

What does it do?

Uploading your video directly into your course content allows you to organise your video content into the appropriate Learning Module or Folder so that it can be easily located by students.

  • Upload directly to your course content
  • Organise your video upload into Learning Modules and Folders

What should I know?

Embedding a video to your course content page

Step 1: Locate where you would like your video uploaded and click on the plus icon, then select Content and Tools.

Step 2: Click on the big button that says YuJa: Embed Media

Blackboard Ultra YuJa: Embed Media content and tools option

Step 3: Use the search bar and filter tools to find your video. Once it’s in the list, click the thumbnail for the video you’d like to embed.

YuJa embed video screen

Embedding a video to your document page

Step 1: Go into the document where you want to embed the video and click on the plus icon at the far right of the editor bar. In this menu, select External App.

Blackboard Ultra document highlighting the insert LTI tools option

Step 2: Select the button for YuJa: Embed Media and follow steps two and three above to find your video.

Updated on 06/03/2023

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