Share your video three ways

What is it?

My Media Collection in YuJa is the storage facility for all the videos that you own. Any video that you upload will be stored here. You can also share your videos with your students.

What does it do?

As well as adding videos to your My Dundee course content page, you can publish and share a video in YuJa.

  • Publish your video
  • Create and search for a YuJa channel
  • Share your video
  • Organise your videos into folders

What Should I know?

  • Publishing: This releases content to your module’s channel. It may help to think of YuJa Channels as restricted YouTube channels. When you make the video, it is set so that only you can view it. When you publish it to your module channel, it’s like publishing it to your YouTube Channel, with the exception that the audience is restricted to users enrolled on your module in My Dundee.
  • Sharing a link: You can share a direct link to a video without publishing it to a channel. This process allows anyone with the link to view the video, whether or not they are in your module or have any affiliation with the University of Dundee (e.g. users outside of the university can view the video with this link). There are ways to restrict access when sharing links, but this is the default.
  • Sharing your video: You can also share your video with other users in YuJa. This allows you to customise the amount of privileges the other user has so that they can:1 – view the video, 2 – view and edit the video, 3 – view, edit, and delete the video. This is the ideal option for sharing rights to a video with other instructors or administrators on your module or in your programme.
Publish a video:

Step 1: To Publish a video, hover over it, and select Publish.

Screenshot of with a single video being hovered over so the menu has appeared. There is an arrow pointing to the option for 'Publish'.

Step 2: Search for the module you want to publish to using the search bar. Make sure you select the correct academic year. You can also choose multiple channels that you wish to publish a video to (for example, if you are making a video for a school or programme, you can publish it to all the relevant channels at once). Click Select. 

Screenshot of the 'publish' page in YuJa with the search bar under Channels (Modules) open.

Note: You must have already created the channel from My Dundee and accessed the channel from My Dundee with your role as Instructor/Support in order to be able to publish to that channel.

Step 1: Hover over the video and click More from the menu.

Screenshot of a video in the YuJa interface with a mouse hovering over it so the menu appears on the right. There is an arrow pointing to the menuu item "more".

Step 2: Click on the Links tab and copy the Direct Link. You can also find the embed code here if you need it.

Screenshot of the 'More' menu opened. The tab for 'Links' is open an has an arrow pointing at it, there is also an arrow pointing at the URL generated under 'Direct Link'.

Step 3 (optional): If you are sharing the video with someone outside of the University of Dundee, you will need to turn off the SSO security settings. To do this, click on the button that says “Security Settings” and then tick off the option for “Password or Authentication Restriction” that is enabled by default.

Screenshot of the Links tab for a YuJa video. There is an arrow pointing at the link for "Security Settings" which has been opened. There is another arrow pointing at the button for "Password or Authentication Restriction."
Share video:

Step 1: Hover over video and click on the option for Share.

Screenshot of with a single video being hovered over so the menu has appeared. There is an arrow pointing to the option for 'Publish'.

Step 2: Use the Share with text entry to search for the user you want to share the video with. You can use the drop-down menu beside this to determine their access.

  • Read Only: Allow the user to access and view the media.
  • Edit Access: Allow the user to access and make changes to the media.
  • Full Access: Allow the user to access, make changes, and delete media.
Screenshot of Share window in YuJa, there access drop-down is open to view all three options. There is an arrow pointing to 'Share' and another pointing to 'Save'.

Step 3: Click Share. Repeat this process for anyone who needs access. Click Save when you’re done to save these shared users and settings. 

Updated on 08/12/2022

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