Bulk publish your videos

What is it?

If you have created a set of multiple videos that you want to publish to a specific module all at once, you can use this process to do it in a group rather than publishing each video individually.

For instance, if you have created videos for a module in a previous year or semester, you will need to go into YuJa to publish them to the latest modules.

What does it do?

Publish collections of items all at once to multiple modules.

What should I know?

Step 1: Log into YuJa (video.dundee.ac.uk), and go to the folder that contains the videos you want to copy.

Step 2: If you want to copy an entire folder, click and drag to select all videos. If you want to add some videos, click CTRL on your keyboard and then click on each video that you want to include.

The files that have been selected have a light blue outline around them.

Step 3: At the top of the screen, click on More Options and choose Bulk Publish.

Screenshot of YuJa where there are six videos, four of which are selected. The More Options menu is open and there is an arrow pointing to it and to the option to Bulk Publish.

Step 4: In the Channels (Modules) area, use the search bar to find your module with the module code (check that the year is correct). You can select multiple channels at once, if the content ought to available in additional modules.

Note: If you don’t see your module, it is likely because you have not yet accessed YuJa from within your module page. You have to do this at least once in each of your modules where you want to publicsh videos in order to see the module in tour list.

Make sure that the modules are listed in the Selected Modules area. Sometimes this requires clicking on the module code twice.

Screenshot of the Publish menu. An arrow is pointing to the search bar, to two modules in the Selected Channels area, and to the Select button.

Step 5: Click Select. The videos will then be published to those channels in the respective modules.

What if my module isn’t in the channels area?

You will need to open the YuJa channel from within your module in My Dundee first. This creates the link between your module and YuJa and creates the channel.

Updated on 09/03/2023

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