ExamOnline Assessment is completed, what is next?

At this stage, after testing and finalising your assessment in ExamOnline, if you haven’t already completed a request form, then please ensure you do this. The Assessment team use the information provided in these forms to schedule your assessment and make it available to students.

For all ExamOnline formatives, class tests and exams taking place within or outwith an official exam diet, please complete and submit the ExamOnline Request Form for each assessment at least two weeks before it is due to take place. 

Coursework + Exams

Upon receipt of the request form, the Assessment team will carry out a check of the settings on your assessment (to ensure it matches the information provided in the request) before finalising the assessment. They will then import the required group of students to EOL, schedule the assessment to be available to them at the requested date and time, check for any additional time requirements and apply these to any relevant schedules.

Remote assessments

It is not currently possible to run a remote online assessment using the ExamOnline assessment platform. It is configured to only be accessible on campus.

In person assessments

Students will access their EOL assessment on a University managed device using dedicated (restricted) exam accounts. Information sheets for students on how to get started with an EOL assessment will be shared with module leaders prior to the date of an exam.

Communication with students

It is the responsibility of the Schools to communicate all relevant information in advance of any EOL assessment or exam, for example:

  • Where to go to access the assessment (i.e. which IT Suite to attend)
  • The name and/or brief description of the assessment
  • Format and type of assessment
  • When the assessment will be available to students (e.g. start date/time and end date/time)
  • Assessment time limit if applicable – this is the length of time students have to complete their assessment after pressing start (e.g. 30 minutes or 1 hour)
  • Total number of questions available along with instructions on which questions are compulsory, or if there is a choice of questions to answer
  • Any restraints on navigation between questions or block of questions
  • Any applicable assessment regulations (e.g. permitted/excluded resources)
  • What they should bring to the assessment (e.g. for in person assessments, they must bring their student ID cards)

Practice assessment

Schools should ensure that their students are familiar with the tool, system or delivery platform to be used, particularly prior to undertaking a summative assessment or exam. It is recommended that opportunities for students to familiarise themselves with the relevant tool or system be provided through the provision of a formative assessment of a similar format, incorporating question types and content relevant to the specific module of study.

Next steps…

Once the assessment end date/time is reached, the Assessment team will download PDF copies of student answer scripts. If diagram sheets have been used by students, these will need to be scanned, uploaded and automatically matched by the School Office. Online marking can then start. If staff will be marking offline, the Assessment team can securely share a link to the downloaded answer scripts with the module leader noted on the request form.

Updated on 30/08/2023

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