What is Mentimeter?

What is Mentimeter?

With Mentimeter you can build interactive presentations with an easy-to-use online editor, directly from your browser. Add questions, polls, quizzes, slides, images, GIFs and more to your presentation to make them more engaging and fun. When you present, your audience uses their smartphones to connect to the presentation where they can answer questions, give feedback and much more. Their responses are visualised in real-time, creating a unique and interactive experience. Once your Mentimeter presentation is over, you can share and export your results for farther analysis and even compare data over time to measure the progress of your audience and sessions.

A mentimeter screenshot asking what are your expectations for today? and a graph showing numeric responses. Example of mentimeter.

Who can use Mentimeter?

Mentimeter is available to all staff and students. Simply use your university login details to sign in and create/access your account on the Mentimeter portal page.

How & why Mentimeter enhances teaching and learning experiences

Students are motivated to learn more, as well as develop questions, engage in discussions, and assess their own knowledge.

Educators are capable of communicating with their students on a completely new level, while being able to assess and improve their own skills and sessions

  • It gives great insights on how students feel and what they want to learn
  • It can be used as a learning and as an assessment tool.
  • Anonymity draws out even the shyest students and make the most hesitant people talk.
  • Everyone is given a voice. Everyone is heard. You no longer need to worry that people are being left out.
  • Reaches out beyond attendance to meaningful presence and participation.
  • Breaks the static “sitting there and listening”, by creating a new communication channel.
  • Learning by quiz is the key to innovation, progress, and creativity

Use case examples

  • Use it to gather feedback prior to a meeting with a Meeting check-up questions or after it – with Meeting evaluation review
  • Use it to gather meeting expectations, making sure you are all on the same page
  • Use it to rank and prioritise projects you need to focus on or tasks that need better attention during the next sprint
  • Use Mentimeter to ask for opinions vital for a decision that must be taken
  • Use it to evaluate the quality of a tool, new process, or a project
  • Useful for comparison analysis
  • Use it for SWOT analysis with our 2 by 2 Matrix question type
  • Energise and evaluate the knowledge of your colleagues and customers by using a Quiz competition
  • Use Mentimeter in a training environment to enhance the teaching and learning processes. Fun and innovative presentations will stay at the top of your customers mind and therefore improve all learning outcomes
  • Use it to analyse roadblocks and decide on the most appropriate solutions
  • Use Mentimeter’s features to document, compare, and improve the sessions over time

Using Mentimeter

  • Visit Mentimeter’s Youtube page for tutorials, interviews, and webinar recordings.
  • Access Mentimeter’s help guides in their Help Centre.
  • Get inspired by various blog posts on different topics.
  •  Access webinars every week that anyone can sign up for. Some older recordings can also be found there
  • You can also contact support@mentimeter.com or the blue chat bubble after logging in to Mentimeter (bottom right corner) – for asking questions, seeking individual support or guidance  (note that this is not a University managed service like Help4u)
Mentimeter’s getting started guides (Playlist)

Something not working?

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Help4u is the number one place to go if you’re having any problems or can’t get what you need from the published guides above. Tickets will be routed to the appropriate department, including CTIL.

Other resources

Mentimeter website

Updated on 21/04/2023

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