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Using Mentimeter while presenting

What is it?

There are two main options to using Mentimeter when presenting – creating your presentation fully in Mentimeter and adding in questions to your PowerPoint presentation.

What does it do?

Each method has pros and cons, and this guide will walk you through them. A good rule of thumb is that if you want to use the full functionality of PowerPoint and add a few Mentimeter questions, it’s better to make your presentation in PowerPoint. If you want to have a lot of questions and aren’t as concerned with the full features of PowerPoint, you should make it in Mentimeter.

What should I know?

PowerPoint presentation

Using the PowerPoint add-in – see Mentimenter’s guide on using the add-in.


  • Can be embedded in your PowerPoint 
  • Allows you to have videos and other resources embedded in PowerPoint, and it all work seamlessly
  • Students can see the results of the Menti slides in context when looking back over the lecture


  • Only a limited number of Menti slides can be embedded into any single PowerPoint
  • If you re-use the lecture and re-set the Menti questions, the students will see the most recent set of answers, not those from their session
    • To avoid this, you’ll have to recreate the lecture, copy the Menti, and update the links between the two
    • Note that this will mean you won’t be able to compare sets of Menti answers from different groups
  • You can’t upload the PowerPoint to Collaborate as it will convert to a static set of slides

Mentimeter presentation

Importing presentations to Menti  –  Mentimeter’s guide that covers PowerPoint, Keynote and Google slides.


  • A single item, with unlimited numbers of Menti question slides
  • Easy to have Menti’s Q&A available at all times
  • Students can see the results of the Menti slides in context

Potential Issues

  • It’s not possible to include PowerPoint slides with live links, videos, etc.

Vendor guides

Getting started with Mentimeter

Creating presentations and questions

Updated on 03/04/2023

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