What is Turnitin?

Turnitin is the primary similarity checker and feedback tool used by the University of Dundee. Instructors use Turnitin as a submission point for text-based assignments (like essays or PowerPoint presentations). Turnitin generates similarity reports that can be accessed by instructors and students.

Who is it for?


Digitally submit text-based assignments such as essays through their My Dundee modules

  • Receive similarity report to help guide proper referencing
  • Receive detailed feedback from markers


  • Set assignment such as essays, allowing student to digitally submit by a given date
  • Monitor student submissions
  • Mark submissions online
  • Review similarity reports
  • Give feedback

Getting started

You can create a Turnitin Submission inbox from within your My Dundee module. For more information, check out our guide Setting up an assignment in Turnitin.

Where to get help

Check out the My Dundee guides for lots of advice, and if you have any technical problems contact Help4u@dundee.ac.uk  

Custom guides

You can find guides that are specific for the University of Dundee right here on this site. Have a look at the contents menu on this page or use the search.

Help4U for technical support

If you have a technical issues (e.g. error messages, things not working the way you expect, problems with logging in, etc.), then log a call with Help4u. Your call will be routed to the appropriate team, usually in UoD IT or CTIL, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

How to do everything from the Turnitin Help site

You can find detailed guides for using Turnitin directly from their website. The link above will take you directly to the correct area, but in case you navigate away make sure you’re in the area for Turnitin in for Blackboard – LTI

Your School or other UoD department

In some Schools, Turnitin assignments are set up by administrative staff. If this is the case for your School, you may want to contact the school directly if you have questions about the way it has been set up.

  • Turnitin Status – Use this page to check if Turnitin UK is experiencing any disruptions.
Updated on 23/08/2021

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