Hybrid Update #8: Dual-Mode rollout schedule

Hybrid Update #8: Dual-Mode rollout schedule

This update is a big one as we're ready to share our Dual-Mode roll out plan for hybrid teaching and give you a heads up about the upcoming onboarding opportunities that will help you get comfortable with the new facilities ... read more

Upcoming Enhancement to the Questionmark OnDemand Login Process (Staff Only)

What is happening? On Wednesday 17th November, we’re updating Questionmark OnDemand (QMOD) to ensure that all users access the system using single sign on (SSO) helping our users stay safe online with multi-factor authentication (MFA). Students already access the system using SSO, so this update is only applicable to staff users of QMOD. Why is this being done? When it comes to cyber security and helping to keep our University community safe online, MFA plays a crucial role. The higher ... read more
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Collaborate Downtime 11/11/21 (Resolved)

We have been informed by Blackboard that on the 11th of November Collaborate experienced a period of downtime due to an update in Blackboard. The update has now taken place and we have been informed that Collaborate is now running as normal. If you are still experiencing issues with Collaborate please get in touch with Help4u (help4u@dundee.ac.uk) and put FAO CTIL in the subject line ... read more

Hybrid Update #7: Dual Mode Pending & Student Feedback

It’s feeling a bit too long since our last update so apologies for the gap. Today I’d like to give a brief update about where we are with Dual Mode installations and share more of the feedback we’re getting from students both from a technical and teaching perspective. Look out next week for another update focusing on the fascinating work that’s been going on in the background to get us ready for Dual Mode – it’s a topic worthy of ... read more

Digital Education Newsletter Vol 8 Iss 1

CTIL Updates We have undertaken a review of organisations in order to identify and remove any that are unused and inactive. 263 organisations met our criteria and will be deleted from My Dundee on 20/12/2021. These will be kept in a separate archive for one year (until 20/12/2022). If there is an organisation that has been deleted that needs to be restored, you can contact Help4U before 10/12/2022 and we will restore the organisation. Read more about this and review ... read more
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Removal of unused Organisations in My Dundee

Removal of unused Organisations in My Dundee

To help keep things tidy, we'll be removing old and unused organisations from My Dundee. Read more to find out if this will affect you ... read more
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Issue – some files not opening for students

What is it? We have been in contact with Blackboard about an issue were some files which have been uploaded (e.g. PDFs, PPTXs, DOCXs, etc.) are showing error messages when students try to access them. For instructors, you will still be able to open the items in normal view or Student Preview mode, this issue will only occur for students. The students will be able to see the file name/link, but when they click on it to access it they ... read more
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Digital Education Newsletter Vol 7 Iss 2

CTIL Updates We have some very exciting news to share, we have hired a new Digital Education Support Officer. Welcome to Shehnaz Arshad! You will begin to see her name pop up with increasing frequency in your Help4U calls as she learns the ropes of Blackboard, Turnitin, and our variety of tools. Semester 1 exam diet If you are intending to run a Questionmark OnDemand (QMOD) exam during the official Semester 1 exam diet (13/12/21 - 17/12/21) and would like ... read more
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Hybrid Update #6: Week one feedback

Hi again everyone, I hope this week's update finds you well as we move into our second week of teaching. I think it's fair to say that last week was unlike any previous first weeks, with many people I've spoken to expressing a mix of uncertainty as we step back into the same physical spaces after so long, and genuinely heart-felt joy at re-engaging with students and colleagues on campus again. In today's hybrid update, I'd like to similarly reflect ... read more

Digital Education Newsletter Vol 7 Iss 1

CTIL Updates The official first week of term is behind us! We don't have many updates this week as we have been all-hands-on-deck to help ensure everything would work smoothly and we would be available for any issues that might come up. We'll need to properly take a look at reports from Help4U, but CTIL's call volume appears to be about a third less for Week 0 and Week 1 than it was last year! The next issue will have ... read more
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