Wiki Loves Monuments

Dundee Law
Dundee Law: Image taken by Bob Embleton and shared with a CC licence.

We’ve just been told about a competition that you might be interested in – taking photos of monuments for Wikimedia.

Here’s the message that was sent to us:

Happy Thursday everyone,

As it’s now September, it’s Wiki Loves Monuments – time for us all to get out there with our cameras and collect some pictures of listed buildings & scheduled monuments across Scotland.

There’s a whole bundle of prizes up for grabs, including some for best pictures from Scotland, as well as for the UK, and of course, as part of the international competition.

So far Scotland has uploaded 92 images, England is on 350, and Wales is on 1378!

I reckon we can get those numbers up….

To enter the competition, you can use the interactive map, which can be found on the website here:

Images don’t have to have been taken during September to be eligible, they just have to be uploaded during the month.

It would be great to see some monuments from Scotland – why don’t you share them here, as well as uploading them to wiki loves monuments!


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