Tip of the Week: Adding alt text to images in Powerpoint 2016

While we tend to think of alt text as just a web-related issue, it’s also very important to ensure that there are text alternatives to images in Powerpoint, if they present additional information. 

It’s possible to add alt text to images in Powerpoint 2016?

  • Insert an image
  • right click, and select “Edit Alt Text” (or choose it in the picture tools bar)
  • then add the alt text you’d like to use

If you have Office 365, and have the installed Office locally, and you’ve enabled the Monthly Channel (Targeted) updates, it will even predict the alt text for you.

If you haven’t set the targeted updates, they are features that are in the final stage of testing and will be coming soon to everyone. 

You may not know a new directive was launched in September 2018, requiring public sector websites to ensure that resources are accessible. Universities have to comply with this, so this can help you make a start.

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